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Science Denial
Yellow head
Last chapter of Science Tales. The summing-up chapter. This is the beta version, so feel free to add comments and corrections.

denial 1

denial 2

denial 3

denial 4

denial 5

denial 6

denial 7

denial 8

denial 9

denial 10

denial 11

denial 12

denial 13

denial 14

denial 15

denial 16

denial 17

denial 18

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The example of President Mbeki is an interesting one. It's incredibly effective inasmuch as he's probably not well known here, and the fact that his term was so recent and that there's STILL a crisis going on make it a shocking thing to learn. There have been a whole host of other HIV/AIDS deniers going back to the early 80s, and readers may take offense a the singling out of a black man, especially when the "good guy" scientists that we see portrayed in this segment are white westerners. I don't know the racial balance of examples in the rest of your book and even if I did, I would not advocate that you change it for balance only, but it is something to think about.

I love your wook and I look forward to seeing this in its entirely. I really appreciated your prior piece on vaccination paranoia.

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