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Science Denial
Yellow head
Last chapter of Science Tales. The summing-up chapter. This is the beta version, so feel free to add comments and corrections.

denial 1

denial 2

denial 3

denial 4

denial 5

denial 6

denial 7

denial 8

denial 9

denial 10

denial 11

denial 12

denial 13

denial 14

denial 15

denial 16

denial 17

denial 18

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"Yeah, but faith gives me more comfort and allows me to believe in what I want to believe, and being right is more important to me than being true."

:/ So how do we confront the realities of the limitations of human behaviour?

Well. I guess by expanding the importance of scientific process into more and more different kinds of media, so that it can be accepted by different kinds of learners and thinkers.

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