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Here is the beta version of my strip on chiropractic therapy. It's a little rough and will need proofreading from those of you with eyes sharper than mine. All comments welcome. This is, of course, a chapter of my upcoming Science Tales book, which will be out from Myriad Editions next year. Each chapter of the book will come complete with references and acknowledgements, including this one.

chiropractic 1

chiropractic 2

chiropractice 3

chiropractice 4

chiropractic 5

chiropractic 6

chiropractic 7

chiropractic 8

chiropractic 9

chiropractic 10

chiropractic 11

chiropractic 12

chiropractor 13

chiropractic 14

chiropractic 15

chiropractic 16

chiropractic 17

chiropractic 18

chiropractic 19

chiropractic 20

chiropractic 21

chiropractic 22

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