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Yellow head
Here is the beta version of my strip on chiropractic therapy. It's a little rough and will need proofreading from those of you with eyes sharper than mine. All comments welcome. This is, of course, a chapter of my upcoming Science Tales book, which will be out from Myriad Editions next year. Each chapter of the book will come complete with references and acknowledgements, including this one.

chiropractic 1

chiropractic 2

chiropractice 3

chiropractice 4

chiropractic 5

chiropractic 6

chiropractic 7

chiropractic 8

chiropractic 9

chiropractic 10

chiropractic 11

chiropractic 12

chiropractor 13

chiropractic 14

chiropractic 15

chiropractic 16

chiropractic 17

chiropractic 18

chiropractic 19

chiropractic 20

chiropractic 21

chiropractic 22

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Fascinating. I guess I'm fortunate that in 20 years of chiropractic therapy, I've never run into any of the whackjobs -- it may be a regional thing.

Such as physiotherapy and osteopathy? The "or" makes it sound as if they are the same thing, are they?

Never used a chiropractor, have seen good results from osteopaths, on myself and my mother, but only for actual bone related complaints and only after we'd exhausted medical options.

Wonderful Darryl!!!
My father saw a chiropractor for his severe back pain in his 30's when he should have seen an actual back Doctor. What he got for it was even more pain. The Chiropractor did more damage to his already severe problem, which turned out to be a slipped disk. He had to go to the hospital and had back issues for the rest of his life.

Until college I had no idea that chiropractors weren't ACTUAL back doctors. I think it's the same with a lot of people, they just assume this is the kind of doctor you go to when you have a back problem.

Great work Darryl! My mother would see a chiropractor every two weeks for a number of years, even took my sister and I as pre teens. Luckily no harm done.
Canadian singer Allanah Myles is someone you should look up on the internet. She had massive injuries caused by too many chiropractic treatments and at a Canada Day concert a month ago had to be helped to the stage by two guys and using two canes. She couldn't even move her head!
Again, awesome work man.

It seems like "a time that was full of oddball ideas about health care" could apply to any time before, say, WWI.

The sentence "none of this is at all scientific and is backed by no medical evidence" doesn't really work; it's basically saying "none of this is backed by no medical evidence". Perhaps "none of this is at all scientific and it is backed by no medical evidence".

My loathing for these hucksters, and the rest of their ilk, is bottomless. Those who prey on people in pain are scum of the lowest order.

(Deleted comment)
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