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(no subject)
Yellow head
Best Dung!
Valentines Day. Bah! My mood has definitely dropped. The main reason being my lack of progress with Mrs. A, who refuses to take me seriously. She's a typical woman. She's enjoys the attention, but at the same time, claims she doesn't want it. Some people just don't know a good thing when they see it. Tsk! She told me that she would ring me sometime over the next few days, but I'm wondering what's the point?

We had a class this morning on self harm and suicide, and just to complete my mood, it was with one of the most boring lecturers we have.

Uncle Bob, pages three and four.

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i love this btw. just so you know.

Hi, I'm Midnight Goddess (formerly 820), popping over from OD to check your site out. So Mrs. A is a typical woman? I know a man who fits the description of liking my attention but saying he doesn't. There are probably people like this in both genders.

This doesn't seem bad for a free account!

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