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Climate Change
Yellow head
I intend to come back to this strip and rewrite some of the first half, in order to make the science clearer. I'm sure there will be a few spelling errors and suchlike. Feel free to point them out, but keep in mind that I've been staring at many of these pages for weeks, to the point where even the word 'and' looks funny to me. I shall be adding on references to this strip over the coming few days. Thanks to Albert the Knowledge Penguin for his help.

1 climate

2 climate change

3 climate change

4 climate change

5 climate change

6 climate change

7 climate change

8 climate change

9 climate change

10 climate change

11 climate change

12 climate change

13 climate change

14 climate change

15 climate change

16 climate change

17 climate change

18 climate change

A few references. More will be posted shortly.

Superb New Yorker piece about the Koch Brothers and their involvement with the far right.

That Proceedings of the National Academy of Science paper, which I mention in the strip, on the numbers of climate researchers who believe that science points to the truth of man made climate change, compared to those researchers who don't.

Excellent book that does what it says on the tin. Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming, by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway.

NASA's climate change evidence page.

Wikipeadia entry on the the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Scott Mandia's research into the media's deplorable Climategate coverage.

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::cringing:: Not all of us in the US follow the right-wing conservative party line.

Oh yes, I know this. But these people are very LOUD.

Yep ... been having a lovely argument with a right-winger type (though he claims to be an independent, while I'm "brainwashed" by the liberal elite) on the Comics Journal message board for weeks now. It's amazing how folks can be so stubborn in the face of all the evidence, more of which is presented to us almost daily. His latest line is that we should be spending money on trying to stop asteroids from hitting Earth, since that is a "real problem," vs. trying to halt climate change.

ah- gasses is spelt "gases" fab reading so far though :)

Please post it again when you feel it's finished. I love linking your stuff, but I don't want people to pick at things in the rough draft.

And... thank you.

Another awesome comic, as per usual. Thanks for posting it.

This has been the coldest 6 weeks at this time of year in over one hundred years here in Sweden. SWEDEN. So thank you for this. Both timely AND awesome (and if youre wondering, the average temp almost daily for the past 3 weeks here has been between -9 and -25 when its normally hovering around the 0 mark ... celcius obviously). So thats really saying someting when you think about it.

Oh yes, Laura. I have seen that before. His logic is impeccable.

(here via lupagreenwolf)

My own argument adds in benefits, because if we take action, there are also benefits no matter whether the problem exists, but if we take no action, then we reap no benefits either way. Which makes it even more obvious that taking action, despite its costs, is the better choice.

I'd like to show this to a few people, but the following panels come up with the Flickr "this photo is currently unavailable" blank box:


Thanks. It should be fixed now.

This cartoon looks as written by Greenpeace International with a script by Al Gore, and reviewd by the WWF and IPCC 65 political "pseudoscieintists". How can somebody trust what a penguin says? And a blatant whitewash is called 6 "independent investigations". Hilarious!

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