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The US edition of Psychiatric Tales
Yellow head
News. The US edition of Psychiatric Tales is prominantly displayed on page 34 of the new Bloomsbury's Winter catalogue. Here's what the cover of the US version looks like.

Psychiatric Tales US edition

Also, two new interviews with me are now online. One is at Avoid The Future, and the other is at Frontier Psychiatrist.

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You know, I ordered the Euro edition in April and I still haven't head anything of it. I probably should have waited for the US edition... didn't realize it might be a problem.
*wonders what happened with that*

Where did you order it from? Was it from the Blank Slate site?

Payment confirmation says "forbiddenplanet.co.uk"
I'm trying to check now to make sure I paid the shipping money request, that came later... though I had but trying to make sure...
EDIT - ok, looks like there was an issue with the shipping payment :P Sorry to bother you! I'd kind of forgotten about it until now..

Edited at 2010-08-19 10:12 pm (UTC)

Nice; think I prefer it to the UK one.

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