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Moon Hoax References And Caption
Gargax monster
As I may have said previously, in my day job I do care work with the elderly. It's agency work, which means I get sent all over the place to cover, when nursing or residential homes are short staffed. Summer is good to me, because it's the holiday season, and this means I'm getting plenty of shifts (days and nights). However, this also means that I've not had much time to do any comic book work recently (none actually). I'm tired from the long shifts and just want to flop down when I get home from work. This will change soon though, as I launch myself back into the four-colour world.

This weekend I'll be a Caption in Oxford. Where I'll be interviewed by the delightful Sarah McIntyre.

And now as promised ages ago, here are the main references I used to write the Moon Hoax strip.

Wikipedia. Moon landing conspiracy theories.

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog. Fox TV and the Apollo Moon Hoax.

Nasa Science. The Great Moon Hoax.

The Guardian. Those hoax myths debunked.


Moon Base Clavius. Photo Analysis Page.

NASA. Where No Flag Has Gone Before: Political and Technical Aspects of Placing a Flag on the Moon.

MythBusters Episode 104: NASA Moon Landing. 2008 Season. NASA Moon Landing.

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You know, when I first heard of the hoax theory, I wonder why, in the middle of the Cold War, that the Soviet Union hadn't exposed it. After all, they would have had independent reception of the radio and tv transmissions. If those didn't come from the moon, it would have been obvious. I think the fact that Soviet Union got to the moon as well just seems to be forgotten about by conspiracy theorists. Has always seemed like a big American wank to me.

I saw this link off the Wellcome Trust's twitter and I thought of you.

Hear from the first ever conference on medical comics in this week's Guardian Science podcast: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/blog/audio/2010/jul/26/science-weekly-podcast-invisible-gorilla

Oh yes, I already head this one. I get a brief mention.

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