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The Moon Hoax
Yellow head
Today is the 41st anniversary of the first moon landing. So I completed this strip just in time. Feel free to point out any errors and I'll correct them over the next couple of days. References will be in the next entry.

My book Psychiatric Tales was Observer Graphic Novel Of The Month on Sunday. Read the review and then go and buy it.

moon hoax 1

moon hoax 2

moon hoax 3

moon hoax 4

moon hoax 5

moon hoax 6

moon hoax 7

moon hoax 8

moon hoax 9

moon hoax 10

moon hoax 11

moon hoax 12

moon hoax 13

moon hoax 14

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Thank you. Keep up the awesome work!

Significant population

I've honestly never run into anyone who thought the moon landing were a hoax. Is this not just a harmless and distant fringe element? It seems to me it's like refuting the existence of pixies--not really worth your while. If you're that vastly ignorant, little can be done to change your mind.

Re: Significant population

I know a few people who believe in the hoax and I've heard several people in the media debating it because they believe it's a hoax too. Joe Rogan is the first one that comes to mind. It's a frustrating phenomena.

Re: Significant population

My brother is a no-moony (as I call them). Didn't Whoopie Goldberg question the Moon landings on air in recent times?

This is excellent! You continue to blow me away with awesome comics!

I think you have a superfluous comma in panel 5, page 3, between "it" and "that." At least I think so. A professional editor-type might say otherwise.

Another excellent piece. Great work!

Comma looks superfluous to me as well.

Great comic.

-"Diffuse" not "difuse"
-Agree with lewbasnight about the superfluous comma
-The quote from Adam Savage could be made clearer by putting quotation marks around it. I know you put the text in a speech bubble but I didn't notice this at first and was wondering why you were switching to first person, lol. This is just a personal style choice, though, so it could go either way.
-"hard core believers": I would use either "hard-core" or "hardcore", but again this is a personal style choice and would be fine as-is.
-On the same page, there is another superfluous comma between "support staff" and "have".
-I love the usage of Nixon imagery!! I smiled.
-I would change "In order to fool both the world, and its own people..." because it seems awkward. The government is fooling the earth itself? It's a bit perplexing. Maybe just "In order to fool everyone on planet Earth..." or something (keep using words that have to do with planets, so it flows nicely with the last frame).

Everybody has been telling me lately that I should be an editor. Too bad I'm already halfway to a psychology degree, hahaha.

As always, I love these, and I hope these suggestions help :)

Also, shouldn't it either be "doubts...were" or "doubt...was"? in panel 3 of the second page?

Page 2, panel 3: should be "the mere fact . . . has created", not "have", because "fact" is singular.

Also, last frame: it is not correct to start a sentence with "which". To keep the dramatic effect of the period after "moon", you could start your next sentence with "That". I personally would just change the period to a comma.

Whenever I hear people say it was a hoax, I want to refute them, but I didn't know exactly how until I read this. I should just show this to those people now.

I love your comics so much!

About the 382kg of moon rock, shouldn't it be forty years instead of thirty years since the last mission was in '72?

Great work with this one! Moon hoax'ers are pretty frustrating. I liek your end comment, about how it's easier to just have gone to the moon!

Actually, wait...unless you're in on the conspiracy! What are you hiding from us??

I remember watching it live on B&W TV in my brother's room at night (we were in Australia). Back then of course it was all terribly exciting, the mere that THAT WE HAD DONE IT! A few years down the track however and the astronauts were still doing the same things on the moon, and there was no moon base, or space colonies, or anything like that.

People got bored with the idea because for most, reared on a diet of films with special effects, the reality just seemed dull and unglamorous. After the film Capricorn One it was more fun to "poke holes" in the idea than to appreciate the reality of the achievement.

And for the average person, when someone starts claiming a hoax, it's hard for them to show counter arguments, since space isn't the environment that we're used to. Many people would prefer the fantasy of STAR WARS more than the dullness of SILENT RUNNING, even though the latter might be a reality someday and the first will never be.

I look forward to your analysis of the World Trade Centre attack and its fallout, if done in this fashion (here's my take).

Wow. Awesome. Great mix of excellent writing and lovely, effective pictures.

Hooray, Darryl! You're on a roll! :D

Very nice! One little nitpick, though: The reduced gravity actually happens as you go over the top of the parabolic arc. For 0 g you follow the same freefall trajectory that a ballistic projectile would follow. For lunar gravity it's the same thing, with a somewhat wider, shallower parabola so you get 1/8 g instead.

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