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Two New Pages Of Artwork
Yellow head
I'm very grateful to the people who have sent donations to help keep me at the drawing board. In real life, far, far away from this cartoon malarky, I do carework in local residential and nursing homes (mostly elderly people suffering dementia). It's lowly paid agency work which tends to come and go in frequency. I'm often on the edge of financial disaster. So it goes.

The next science strip I'm working on will be about the supposed Moon Hoax.

Moon Hoax 1

I'm also working on a long Uncle Bob strip set during the first world war. This particular strip has remained unfinished for around five years. I'm hoping to actually finish it this year.

Uncle Bob's Great War 13

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Looking forward to the Moon Hoax one, after your fine skewering of homeopathy.

I had a t.v. production teacher (a vietnam vet & republican, mind you) who claims it was a hoax, that the footage doesn't appear as it should.

loocking forward to the moon-comic.

Darryl, if you haven't seen it, the excellent Mythbusters series on Discovery did an entire episode on Apollo myths and busted them with scientifically accurate tests. I'm sure some conspiracy idiots still don't believe them and assume they are part of the cover up, of course, you can never win with them.


I've seen that. It's a stellar episode.

The Mythbusters episode is part of the strip I'm working on.

cool, when you post that up we have to hit their official twitter and tell them :-)

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