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Did Oswald Shoot Kennedy?
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As regards conspiracies, I'm strong believer in the Occum's Razor approach: that the simplest explanation for a thing is usually the truth. In the case of the Moon landings, I have to wonder exactly how many people it would take to fake such events. Tens of thousands of people would have had to have been involved, within Nasa, the US govenment, and at tracking stations all across the globe, (and this would have included Soviet tracking stations, with their vested interest in blowing the whistle if they'd thought it a fake). It's just easier to believe the Moon landings actually happened.

It's been popular for 40 years to believe that President Kennedy was killed, not by Oswald, but by some other party, such as the Mafia, the CIA, Cubans, Nixon, the Freemasons, the Illuminatti, aliens, or all of the above. I was wondering what you LJ people believed, so long after the actual event.

Here's a repost of a one paragraph story I wrote on the Kennedy assassination.

Dallas Texas, 1963. Imagine the scene, Oswald is standing at the book depository window, drinking coke from the coke bottle machine downstairs. He's looking down on Dealy Plaza, when the president's car drives out of the underpass. Kennedy, tired to the point of psychosis from the pressures of the presidency and high on the massive amounts of cortisone he's taking for his chronic back pain, is sweating with paranoia. He's convinced he's going to be murdered on this trip. Out of the corner of his eye, Kennedy believes he sees a gunman in a window across the Plaza. In an instant, the president pulls a high-powered rife from under the seat, and in one smooth movement, using Jackie's shoulder to steady his aim, shoots Oswald through the coke bottle the hapless sap has at his mouth, killing him instantly. A brilliantly accurate shot which generates admiring applause from the large crowd of bystanders in the Plaza, plus a few cheers. Kennedy takes a bow. The car swings on around the curve, driving out of Dealy Plaza. Jackie smiles.

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The best wacky conspiracy theory I've read (can't remember the name of the book sadly) went like this:

It would have been hard for LHO to accurately fire the three shots he's supposed to have fired in such a short time. Also, the wound to Kennedy's head was inconsistent with the Carcano rifle used - the bullet fragmented and tumbled, whereas the Carcano is a heavy hunting rifle and the rounds will generally go straight through (hence the "magic bullet", which ironically, according to this theory, Oswald *did* fire - it wasn't pristine, it was actually flattened laterally in a way that didn't show up on photos).

The author suggests that another weapon must have been involved, but there's no need to invoke a conspiracy because we already know a suitable rifle that would have been ideally placed to fire the fatal shot. Photos show that a Secret Service agent on a car behind JFK's stood up just after Oswald began shooting. He was carrying an AR-15 at his side, which a variant of the M16, which is well known for firing a round that tends to fragment. The idea is that the shot that killed Kennedy was the accidental result of the agent standing up abruptly with his rifle's safety off. Obviously, not an easy thing to own up to.

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