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Uncle Bob And The Vampire (First Page)
Gargax monster
I'm currently redrawing an Uncle Bob strip, for the Blank Slate
collection of Uncle Bob Adventures, which will be out next year.

Here's the first page of the redrawn strip, while below it you can see a page from the original version, drawn in 90s.

Compare and contrast.

Uncle Bob And The Vampire

Uncle Bob And The Vampire (Original Page)

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Oo, I love it!!

Look forward to seeing what happens next! Poor Sarah, I hope she comes out of it well.

It's a well known fact that anyone called Sarah is indestructible.

Absolutely, as long as no one gives them too much Pepsi Max. As I have had today. Am feeling destroyed, but slightly in a good way.

It's nice to see evidence of your improvement/mastery of line-weight & story rhythm.

Well done!

Yes, I like the colour changes, too.

I haven't written any arty criticism for ages, so...

Yes, much better. The new version is far less harsh on the eye. The original, with solid blacks and thicker lines almost appears to be 'shouting' whereas the varying greys and reduced but more carefully placed spot colour combined with a little more clearly delineated perspective draws one in more intimately. The typography is much better, too - often overlooked but less quirky and blunt than the original. You also appear to be spreading out the story, giving us more atmosphere which frees you to do less exposition and say more with the drawing and the characters. For a one page work, the original style might still work better - short, blunt, to the point, but for a longer story this is the way to go.

I may come back and use 'post-modernism' at some stage, but only for a laugh.

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