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The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield
diversion sign
A fifteen page story about the MMR vaccination controversy. As ever, I'm sure a few spelling errors have slipped past me. Feel free to point any out so I can correct them.

The reference links for the strip are in the next blog entry.

Now! Let's have a heated debate!

2013 update. Since I wrote this blog entry, this cartoon strip as well as many others on such subjects as homeopathy, chiropratic, evolution, and the supposed NASA Moon hoax landings, have been published in a book: Science Tales in the UK (Myriad Edtions) and How To Fake A Moon Landing in the US and Canada (Abrams). Here's the link to my main blog.

1 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

2 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

3 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

4 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

5 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

6 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 7 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 8 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 9 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 10 Vaccination Scandal Story

mmr 11 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 12 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 13 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 14 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 15 Vaccination Scandal Story

I am Darryl Cunningham and this is my main blog.

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The reason why Hep B was originally mandated because the primary method of contracting Hep B in the US prior to the Hep B vaccination being given at birth was in hospitals due to improper sterilization and needle disposal practices. The "Hep B at birth" mandate was "CYA" advocated by the medical community to prevent the transmission of the disease as opposed to actually changing hospital practices. Now that hospital practices have evolved in the past 2-3 decades there is little to no risk of transmission of Hep B to a patient in a U.S. hospital setting. So, why have our vaccination practices not evolved to meet the evolution of the associated risk? Just because it is common practice to vaccinate, give vitamin K and erythromycin eye ointment at birth doesn't meant that it is safe or okay for the child... birth is fairly tough and in that first 24 hrs we are saying (with our practices), "I know you were just born, but if you could develop antibodies to a disease you have little risk of being exposed to, get that blood to clotting (with no regard as to the necessity of the treatment, the difficult of the birth, etc) and oh, while you are at it, let me shove this stuff in your eyes in case your slut of a mom happens to have an STD that we previously have not detected prior to your vaginal birth." Uh... yea, I'm going to go ahead and opt out of all three of those with my newborn, quick easy natural labor & delivery and last but not least, my monogamous sexual relationship. :)

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