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The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield
diversion sign
A fifteen page story about the MMR vaccination controversy. As ever, I'm sure a few spelling errors have slipped past me. Feel free to point any out so I can correct them.

The reference links for the strip are in the next blog entry.

Now! Let's have a heated debate!

2013 update. Since I wrote this blog entry, this cartoon strip as well as many others on such subjects as homeopathy, chiropratic, evolution, and the supposed NASA Moon hoax landings, have been published in a book: Science Tales in the UK (Myriad Edtions) and How To Fake A Moon Landing in the US and Canada (Abrams). Here's the link to my main blog.

1 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

2 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

3 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

4 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

5 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

6 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 7 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 8 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 9 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 10 Vaccination Scandal Story

mmr 11 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 12 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 13 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 14 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 15 Vaccination Scandal Story

I am Darryl Cunningham and this is my main blog.

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Another sucker falls for it.

# I find it ironic that sometimes "drug company profits" # are mentioned as a motive for pushing vaccinations, # when most vaccinations are not at all profitable, to # the point where the government often has a hard time # finding suppliers. You have misunderstood the relationship in the situation. Its not that the drug companies don't make a profit on vaccines, its that they can make much more profit on other new "wonder" drugs. (only in this case its a 'wonder' how some of those new 'wonder' drugs like phen-phen got through the FDA trials. :-) ) The big pharma companies don't want to spend their money on making vaccines because they can make much more money producing other, higher margin drugs. The companies that do produce the vaccines make a ton of money, its written into the production contract. They just don't make as much money as companies making other drugs. By the way - nice job being a gullible, non-critical thinker.

Re: Another sucker falls for it.

Naughty big pharma. Naughty.

Re: Another sucker falls for it.

By the way - nice job being a gullible, non-critical thinker.

Gee, bet you convince a lot of people with that attitude.

Yes, I oversimplified rather than writing an essay. Obviously whoever makes the vaccines must make SOME money otherwise they wouldn't be able to operate. Yet you yourself validated my original point: "its that they can make much more profit on other new "wonder" drugs."

Or, to put it another way, drug companies profit most when people are CHRONICALLY SICK, not by preventing disease. So again, it's not in big pharma's interest to push vaccinations.

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