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The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield
diversion sign
A fifteen page story about the MMR vaccination controversy. As ever, I'm sure a few spelling errors have slipped past me. Feel free to point any out so I can correct them.

The reference links for the strip are in the next blog entry.

Now! Let's have a heated debate!

2013 update. Since I wrote this blog entry, this cartoon strip as well as many others on such subjects as homeopathy, chiropratic, evolution, and the supposed NASA Moon hoax landings, have been published in a book: Science Tales in the UK (Myriad Edtions) and How To Fake A Moon Landing in the US and Canada (Abrams). Here's the link to my main blog.

1 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

2 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

3 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

4 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

5 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

6 MMR Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 7 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 8 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 9 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 10 Vaccination Scandal Story

mmr 11 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 12 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 13 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 14 Vaccination Scandal Story

MMR 15 Vaccination Scandal Story

I am Darryl Cunningham and this is my main blog.

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Science has been hijacked by money. End of story. But to expound:

Statistics and deliberately confusing terms and fear are used to justify further expense and agenda-heavy, predetermined research results, and it's a battle for 'which lie will become the official lie' so everyone else is laughed at.

As the US and European governments (amongst others) are bribed by corporations for which 'science is in the public interest', that as our fates become so intertwined that we move past "I'm upstream of you, so I won't pee in the river" to "If I eat this twinkie, it costs someone else on another continent Money..." the only winners are politicians and corporations, (who never have to live by the laws they vote for and pay for, respectively) and those of us who try to do things "in the public interest" try and do the "right" thing and get ground up in the process.

Eventually, we will discover that the sub-conscious rules all actions and to have ill-thoughts about another person is not in the public interest.

People thought that twinkie example was far-fetched 20 years ago too, but here we are.

...and yet we continue to attack and ridicule each other while politicians and corporations walk over our bodies to their own 'truth'.

"Science has been hijacked by money."

Yes, this story is precisely about science being hijacked by money. Except that it wasn't corporations or governments doing the hijacking, but a greedy and unscrupulous surgeon (Wakefield) deliberately manipulating his data and using the media to bolster his lies when his theories were put to the test and found wanting. And all for his own, personal profit.

Eventually, we will discover that the sub-conscious rules all actions and to have ill-thoughts about another person is not in the public interest.

Well, all righty, then. Tell me, does your scalp chafe in hot weather under that tinfoil hat?

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