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Did Man Land on the Moon?
Yellow head
My brother is one of those people who firmly believe that the NASA Moon landings were faked in a Hollywood studio. Over the years, I've met a few people with this belief. I was wondering what you lovely LJ people believed, and do you have any stories concerning this subject?

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I believe that these people who firmly believe that the NASA Moon landings were faked in a Hollywood studio are indeed themselves faked in a Hollywood studio. If your brother is one of them then he must be in on the conspiracy.

I think they really landed there. How could Hollywood fake the lack of gravity?

Good wire-work, just like in The Matrix.

oh I don't know what to think

My Dad also shares this stupid belief.

Oh, I'm pretty sure they landed on the moon. What I'm still wondering is why they never reported on what the cheese tasted like.

Ah yes! Wensleydale. Mmm.... Wensleydale...

It's hard to taste cheese when you've got a space helmet on.

About 30 years ago, I was babysitting, and half-watching the TV...a documentary that purported to be about a NASA cover-up of a moon landing film was on. This depicted excited shouts by astronauts, as strange, blurry figures lumbered towards them. All this was supposed to be the 'real' footage, which had been replaced by fake stuff to avoid universal panic, etc. It was all extremely well done, and just for a moment, I was completely awed/frightened/ thrilled. It was, of course, an April Fool hoax, and this became fairly obvious as the programme went on. I was always rather surprised, though, that it didn't cause a WAR OF THE WORLDS-type furore. It was certainly a lot more convincing than that 'haunted house' thing with Parkinson that had people flipping out. Maybe it was on BBC2 and nobody was watching.

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