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I've been feeling a bit fed up about my placement. I had a list of learning outcomes to achieve, which I've now largely done. As a result, there's not been a great deal for me to do around the office, and I've not even been out with staff on any patient visits this week (they just don't seem to have time for me). So I've been bored, bored, bored.

I'm never happy, it seems. In my previous placement on the elderly ward, I worked flat out, and was exhausted most days. This time I don't feel I'm doing nearly enough and this feels just as exhausting, in a way.

I had a dream in which I was trapped in a field with a rhino, triggered I think, by the fact that some days, I actually do see a rhino, when the bus going to work passes the local zoo. I read somewhere that rhinos kill more people in the wild than lions do. They're curious looking creatures. I always feel disappointed if I don't catch sight of the animal when the bus drives past its home. It looks so lonesome, standing there on its own, in the cold English weather.

Dawn photo at the traffic lights.

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