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Electroconvulsive Therapy: The Full Strip
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Here then is the completed 11 page story strip on ECT. As ever feel free to make comments and point out any errors. I received help with this one from a LJ writer who let me use a few comments. Thanks to that person (you know who you are). Now read on...


Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive Therapy

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I cant remember ever hearing of ECT without the transorbital lobotomy being brought up in the same breath. The impression seems to be that both are procedures that leave a patient a drooling good-natured semi-vegetable for the rest of their lives.

On a brighter note, I felt a sort of joy upon reading your measurement of the power of ECT shocks listed in terms of ampres. For some reason--and secretly I blame local company TASER International, Inc. who aggressively markets electrotorture devices to law enforcement the world over--the vast majority of people of a non-technical mindset (like myself, but come on I know the proper units at least) are obsessed with voltage as the strength of an electrical current. Tasers, heavily marketed in the US, always make a big deal of a model's voltage, of course. They probably do this to show off that you can still attack someone in a winter coat with a TASER, at high voltages the electrodes will arc right through heavy clothing, but it doesn't really express the power of the shock. Given the presumably controlled nature of ECT I imagine the voltage is relatively low compared to a TASER. Which sort of makes me wonder if that wouldn't be a good angle to take on the rampant instances of police brutality with the devices.

I don't know where you have heard of ECT in comparison to the transorbital lobotomy, but all of the people I have met who have had ECT have maintained their normal intellectual and personality functioning, just in many cases with the depression lifted.

Another brutal procedure is the insulin therapy which induce a diabetic coma to the patient by injecting just the right amount of insulin into his system. It has the same "reset" effect but without the brain damage ECT induces. I think insulin therapy is still used on a wide scale in several countries.
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