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Yellow head
What will probably be the first page of the second volume of Psychiatric Tales. I'm going full colour, because I was struggling with black and white, having used up my bag of tricks and needing new visual ideas. Colour will give me a new approach and renew my enthusiasm for the project. Things had gone a little stale.


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You've probably gotten this question ad nauseum, but... may I ask you for a brief thought on your cartooning influences? There's something pleasantly familiar about your style, but I haven't quite been able to put my finger on it.

Actually, have you ever heard of a graphic artist named "Jotto?" He did the original version of the They Might Be Giants video for "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" and though your work is very distinct from his, they've got the same blocky simplicity and odd perspectives, and I like that.

Thanks! Keep up the awesome work!

Very effective. I like the nasty grey-green. I used to pass famous NY nuthouse Creedmore on the bus every day, and while it didn't look like this, it had a similar effect on me.

I work with a small group of persons with psychiatric disorders who have a web-based micro-enterprise. We'd like to consider offering your book as we focus on recovery from such disorders. Please contact me to explore this. steve@recoverresources.com You can check out our website at: www.recoverresources.com Thanks! Steve

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