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Big Blue Versus The Lord God Almighty
Yellow head
Three page story strip, which eventually will tie into the Super Sam and John Of The Night, stories. The beginning of something rather than a complete story in itself, I think.

Big Blue Versus The Lord God Almighty

Big Blue Versus The Lord God Almighty

Big Blue Versus The Lord God Almighty

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The opening was promising but I guess the end felt kinda "preachy" if you will. ;)

This is all different colours of awesome :)

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That version of God looked very "Kirbyish"! :)

Yahweh decapitation, excellent.

That last page surprised me. Did not expect to see God decapitated. A+

That showed him! But wait, what if it was just someone DRESSED UP as God? I'm suddenly worried.

That is a twist I've been considering. I probably won't do it though.

Turns out it was Jerry Garcia! Big Blue isn't too sad, he's wanted to meet HIM for a long time too!

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