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Gargax monster
A three page story written about something I believed when I was around five.

Stars Page One

Stars Page Two

Stars Page Three

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This is quite lovely. I especially like the shifting colour palette on the last page. And the Ursa Minor.

I still love your stuff!

This is so beautiful, and it reminds me, too of my childhood: we were looking out of my bedroom window at bedtime, the night my next-door-neighbour died, and we saw a shooting star. Mum told me that it was Nanny Collins' soul going to heaven.

I like how you put it in panel 2. "When I was too young to have figured out how the physical world worked." I guess some of the physical world is something we can naturally work out, but you're already playing soccer there, so I'd bet you've got the majority of what physics comes naturally to humans already worked out. I just had a chuckle, as if understanding the world is purely a function of age, it's kind of a cute way to put it. I like this, and your color choices.

Beautifully written and told!

You never cease to a amaze me withe the simplicity of your profundity. This is a lovely concept, masterfully executed. Thank you.

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