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Antisocial Personality Disorder
Yellow head
Here's the reworked Antisocial Personality Disorder chapter of Psychiatric Tales (previously know as Mad Or Bad). Eight pages of which only three are left from the original version. As ever, feel free to point out any errors you see.

All done now. Apart from renumbering the pages and a few other annoying tiny jobs. It'll be out from Blank Slate in Feb.

page 27 antisocial one

page 28 antisocial .two

page 29 antisocial.three

page 30 antisocial four

page 31 antisocial five

page 32 antisocial 6

page 33 antisocial seven

page 34 antisocial eight

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custardy = custody

lawer = lawyer

I kind of liked the original version better. I'm not sure if the visual transitions in this one work as well - it feels like there's a *lot* packed into this section, too.

The reason I had to rework this, was, that I'd muddled up two different personality disorders in the first version. I'd talked about personality disorders generally, when really, it would have been clearer to write about the various forms of personality disorder independently. I got a certain amount of flack for this and quite rightly. A future volume will cover borderline personality disorder.

I'm inclined to think that this version is an improvement. I feel like the amount of information presented is maybe a little more consistent with how much you present in the other sections. Either version is really superb, though.
I think this is a great project! I've really loved watching it develop. Excellent work.

I agree in liking this one a bit better. The pacing is more consistent with the other comics in the series. I thought the transitions worked very well. Though, factually confused as it may be I am still sort of fond of the original version.

I am too! The emotional connection to the material is really strong and really apparent in both versions.

Oh my lord... I knew a kid exactly like this in high school. He had no empathy whatsoever and it was scary. He would kill small animals on his land for fun. He joked about things like eugenics. He made everyone around him miserable. I haven't talked to him in years but just thinking about how he made me feel when I knew him makes me anxious and upset. I think everyone gave him a pass for his behavior because two of his close family members had committed suicide.

mmm. i think i may have liked the other version better... but this version is good too. at least it's more accurate?

I was sorry to lose some of the previous material in the change. However I'l be taking that and making it into it's own story at some point. So nothing will be lost.

I haven't seen the previous version but as a new fan of yours I can say that the current one is fantastic. I also found the link you made between so-called 'high-flyers' (i.e. lawyers, politicians, academics, businessmen) and people with ASBD close to the truth. People like Alan Sugar (not to mention the future Prime Minister) are so respected and admired and yet I find them to be compellingly repulsive human beings. I'll have to thank my mum for putting me on to your essential body of work.

I know the types. I studied law at uni and both staff and students were superficial, manipulative, competitive, had no empathy etc etc and I got the impression that these were the kind of traits legal employers were looking for. I also had a girlfriend who was like this.

My most recent ex was a psychopath, and the description of the man who didn't value women fits him to a T. It's difficult for me to stigmatize people, but he genuinely did need help. Great comic.

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