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Yellow head
News. There will be a second volume of Psychiatric Tales as there are a ton of things I didn't get around to covering, including ECT, staff burnout, forms of dementia, substance abuse, the homeless, OCD, and about a million other things. There's no end to subjects I could cover. I'm aiming for early 2011 for a completion date for the second volume. Probably.


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that would be amazing :) I've really enjoyed following psychiatric tales so far, and look forward to reading more of your work :)

I am very excited for this!

What is ECT?

Also there has been some shift in the field from 'substance abuse' to 'substance misuse'. Whether or not it will actually catch on, time will tell, but it's good to spread the message.

If you want/need any help with that or the chapter on homelessness, I could throw in some of my experiences as a former addict/underhoused and now harm-reduction worker.
Harm reduction could make an interesting chapter, or section within a chapter. It's pretty controversial. You've probably already got, well, a million other things in mind, though.

It's going to be awhile before I even start the new volume, but I will ask for advise when the time comes. ECT is electroconvulsive therapy.

This pleases me to no end--thank you!

Excellent! Glad you're not stopping there. So much more ground to cover and you're the one to do it. Yay!

This is good news. I'd been following your posts/previews and after the last one about what you went through creating it, I think another volume would be beneficial not just for your readers (I can see your work in a lot of libraries in the USA and elsewhere) but for yourself.

Not that it's exactly related, but I'm doing a similar thing for my Masters in Fine art. One of two graphic novels will examine Gender transition - the issues that surround it - in a straight forward manner.

Good luck with both the novels!

i was wondering when you would do OCD

i wasn't sure if you had done it or not (i pretty much checked most of you lj to see if you had or not)

Wonderful news. And don't forget the dreaded Bradford Scores!

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