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Psychiatric Tales: Last Chapter
Yellow head
Here, at last then, is the final chapter of Psychiatric Tales. As ever if you spot any mistakes or have anything critical to say, then please let me know. I tend to think of these online versions of the stories as beta versions, which still need debugging. So all comments help.

The book still isn't finished. I have to redo much of the lettering in the first half of the book, correct spelling mistakes, plus rewrite and redraw four pages of an earlier chapter which, as it stands, is factually confusing.

The book will be out from Blank Slate in Feb and will be available through their website and various other places.

1 last chapter

2 last chapter

3 final chapter

4 final chapter

5 last chapter

6 final chapter

7 last chapter

8 last chapter

9 last chapter

10 last chapter

11 last chapter

12 last chapter

13 last chapter

14 last chapter

15 last chapter

16 last chapter

17 last chapter

Page 5, third panel, "I was much easier" should be "It was much easier".
Page 7, fourth panel, emptyness should be emptiness.
Page 8, second panel, A should be I.

Really looking forward to this book; I want two copies, one for me, and one for my office once I'm in private practice. I want to show clients that their are ways of looking at what they're facing without the huge amount of stigma associated with mental illness. Thank you for this.

Moving stuff... I'm looking forward to the book.

I don't know if it's just flickr playing up, but the last picture is showing up as 'currently unavailable' on your post

Yeah, that was true for me too.

I disagree. I don't think it's meant as aggrandizement; I think he's trying to show that he's not merely coming from a place of observing without judgment, but that he's (very recently) faced his own demons and - as much as anyone ever can - overcome them. I think it's meant as more of a "if I can do this, you can too," if people are reading who have similar life experiences and mental health issues.

(Deleted comment)
I feel waves of chills across my body at that last part, at how everything comes together.

Glah. And now I'm teary.

Thanks for sharing this. I too suffer from depression and social anxiety, and like you, I managed to come back from the darker places, from literally standing on the edge and looking down.

I can't wait to get the book! So, so powerful.

However individual we are, the pattern of this particular form of mental suffering, always seems to take a similar path. I was stunned, when researching Nick Drake for an earlier chapter, how his problems echoed mine. I could quite easily have just faded away in life like he did. Thanks for you kind comments.

Wow, you've created a very powerful book, Darryl!!! It's beautifully crafted, insightful and moving. I'm so glad it's going to be published, it's going to be a classic.

Well done, you! And well done for following through with what you do so well, despite everything!

amazing stuff. can't wait to buy it

Wow. WOW. I've loved everything up to this point, but this chapter definitely packs a hard punch. Thank you for sharing this with us, your talents are astounding. Can't wait for the book to come out!

You use black and white in such a varied, stunning and subtle way. So many tremendous panels in there. Glad to hear it's being published, can't wait to pick up a copy next year.

I've always liked you, Darryl!

You've done an amazing piece of art here, and I hope you're feeling proud of yourself. Yes, I can't wait to buy this!

Amazing; powerful stuff. I could really relate to a lot of your feelings and experiences, and I'm sure many others will.
his is proper important work, congratulations.

This is awesome stuff, both the story and the art. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Man, fantastic. I was too drawn in reading the text and exploring the images to do much proofing, sorry.
I'm really pleased that this process has been not only beneficial but healthy for you. It gives me some hope, honestly.
I'll be looking for the book when it comes out-- copies for me, and for some folks I think will get something out of it.

Absolutely beautiful, it brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing this with us. I think so many people can relate to these feelings of alienation and sadness, more than we all think. We are not alone. Thank you Darryl!

I hope they ship internationally! I'm definitely putting a reminder in my calendar for this as I'll be getting a copy for me, as well as another few to share with people.

I hope you know, Daryll, that many of us out there in and at the fringes of the comics world hold you in high esteem.

I look forward to the published work. It's excellent. I really hope this is a springboard to more work.

We never did get to link up any time over the past few years. But if you ever find you have the wherwithal to fly out to Sweden we'd be happy to put you up. We would love to see you.

Sweden sounds great. It all comes down to money as usual. With luck the book will start to bring in some serious work and money next year. Then I'll be able to travel a little. Cheers!