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diversion sign
I'm extremely grateful to all the people who have left me feedback recently. It's impossible for me to reply to everyone, because I'd never get any drawing done, and I've got many pages to do yet. I've had a few offers from people to help out with proofreading. To which thanks. However most of the mistakes have been corrected on the original files since these uploads, and my publisher will be doing a final pass anyway.

I'm aware that there are factual blunders (well, some confusion anyway) in the chapter on Personality Disorder, and I'l be rewriting/redrawing sections of that.

Here's what will probably be the cover of Psychiatric Tales.

Psychiatric Tales

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I'm so excited that these strips are being published, Darryl - and by Blank Slate too :-) I do agree a little with illi - it looks downbeat - though I love the design (your work is so strong on design). Maybe the chap should be 'normal' and shadow keep the sombre attitude? Oh - I don't know, I'm rubbish at covers.

Hi Darryl! I came across your work through Boing Boing. Anyways, maybe adding a maze in the shadow to illustrating that it's a confusing struggle for the person? I'm mostly thinking about the maze silhouette on page 67 as a reference point. It's just a very powerful visual metaphor, and would look really strong on the cover. Anyways, just my 2 cents :)

It's a very powerful work. I'm looking forward to reading it cover to cover!

According to my dutch friend:

Comicmaker Darryl Cunningham is working hard to publish is book 'Psychiatric Tales'. The comic, expected in 2010, will deal with various types of mental suffering. On his weblog he gives an example (taster, literally) by making the complete chapter on schizophrenia public. Have a look, because he knows how to say more with simple images than with the proverbial thousand words. Let's hope this book will be available soon, for this begs for more.

He also said: This kinda reads like it was translated from English into Dutch first.....

I agree that the cover is too downbeat although it does convey a mood. Still it's stylish and minimalist.

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