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Something Of A Celebrity
Gargax monster
It seems I'm becoming something of a celebrity, at least in a small way. I made number one on Reddit the other day, I've been featured on Boing Boing. Many folk have been discussing Psychiatric Tales on Twitter, including Graham Linehan of Father Ted and The IT Crowd fame. I've also had about eighty emails. Far more than I can ever reply to and they're still coming in.

The vast majority of the emails have been positive, some a little critical (which is fair enough) and only one insulting (why am I defending violent crazy people, etc).

Boing Boing got their facts wrong when they reported that I'm a student nurse. I haven't been a student nurse for years and never finished my training anyway, (due to my own mental health problems). I'm currently working in a residential home for the elderly.

It's a very exciting time for me.

Here's a frame from the current chapter of Psychiatric Tales I'm working on, which is about the grim subject of suicide.

Psychiatric Hospital


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Good to see your work getting all this appreciation.

That was me who suggested your mental health comics to Boingboing, and got the facts wrong. Sorry, I just looked at your LJ bio, and didn't check further. (I should go and check my bio now....)

It's entirely my own fault then as I should have updated that information. Thanks for the BB suggestion.

I'm glad. Your work deserves attention. I'm going to buy a few copies of your book when it comes out so I can pass them around to friends and beyond. Mental health is a subject that needs to be destigmatized.

If you have a place that isn't LJ where I can link people, I'd like to link our mental health crew on our team. We actually work in elderly care homes, teaching and stuff, so it would be cool to show them :)

Your work getting more press is fantastic news! It deserves it!

you were also on digg, since a lot of things from reddit make it there.

I checked this out and you were right. Amazing.

Hi, I was linked here and I love your blog. The post about self-harming really struck me as it's something I've struggled with.

Hope you don't mind if I friend you.

Well done! Your psychiatric comics are really great and informative, so it's not surprising they're getting some recognition. You should make sure to submit a follow-up story when the book comes out!

There will be a further volume. There really has to be as there's still a lot more to be said.

I also noticed that you were linked on B3TA's newsletter. You're an internet star!

I'm the guy who posted your schizophrenia comic to reddit after seeing it posted in the PHIZ subforum on Something Awful. I'm glad you don't mind the attention; I didn't really give it much thought when I submitted the link but once it became popular I became vaguely worried that you might not like the comics being too widespread because of their somewhat-personal nature.

Anyway, keep on making them, they're obviously pretty educational, but your use of the medium of comics is really great too :)

I found you through boingboing and bookmarked you, congrats on your mention in the blog. Keep up the good work on your upcoming book, I'm eager to see the finished product, I think its a wonderful idea and nicely executed from what I see so far.

Was really chuffed to see the series get good word of mouth in BB; I tried suggesting it to them a few weeks back but they never bit, glad someone else tried again! And really nice to see Tom at CR is still extremely supportive, look forward to the print version, I think its the sort of work that will appeal to the more broadminded mainstream (generally non comics reading) folks if it got some coverage in comics-friendly intelligent press like the Guardian ahead of print

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