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diversion sign
An eleven page chapter from my upcoming book Psychiatric Tales, which will be out from Blank Slate in early 2010. Feel free to point out any errors or make any other comments.

1 schizophrenia

2 schizophrenia

3 schizophrenia 3

4 schizophenia

5 schizophrenia

6 schizophrenia

7 schizophrenia

8 schizophrenia

9 schizophrenia

schizophrenia 10

11 schizophrenia

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I am schizophrenic and getting treatment for 9 years and been to hospitals too many times. And I have always thought that the stigma towards homosexuals and mentally ills can't be broken. I believed that this is impossible till the end of world. But this is a great and high quality attempt. I am also thinking that I wish I had been on cancer instead of schizophrenia. I feel that my position is more painful. But I also noticed that schizophrenia as itself is not much pain, the real pain is the social and related psychological loss after illness and it becomes more and more day by day.
Thanks for the great work, it made a small breeze on darkness. I hope you will finish it.

Thank you. I'm continuing to work on the book, which will be out from Blank Slate early next year. It means a lot to me that those with first hand experience of the illness feel that I've got things largely right. Take care.

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