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diversion sign
An eleven page chapter from my upcoming book Psychiatric Tales, which will be out from Blank Slate in early 2010. Feel free to point out any errors or make any other comments.

1 schizophrenia

2 schizophrenia

3 schizophrenia 3

4 schizophenia

5 schizophrenia

6 schizophrenia

7 schizophrenia

8 schizophrenia

9 schizophrenia

schizophrenia 10

11 schizophrenia

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I read the comment above yours as saying that your experience is equally valid as a family member as the person suffering from the mental illness, but it works both ways, and that we should be looking more into ways to support family members, working to help them to support their loved one.

Mental illness does have a massive stigma attached and any tool that aids us in busting myths about them is useful. It is just one tool in a pattern.

I rather thought, also, that the bad day comment meant more about posting here, than the interaction between family and person, but that may be my reading of it. YMMV :)

I'd love something like this for dementia, depression and possibly SAD!

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