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diversion sign
An eleven page chapter from my upcoming book Psychiatric Tales, which will be out from Blank Slate in early 2010. Feel free to point out any errors or make any other comments.

1 schizophrenia

2 schizophrenia

3 schizophrenia 3

4 schizophenia

5 schizophrenia

6 schizophrenia

7 schizophrenia

8 schizophrenia

9 schizophrenia

schizophrenia 10

11 schizophrenia

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Thanks for posting this and approaching the matter in a thought provoking way. I have battled depression since my late teens and have only recently been prescribed anti depressant meds for it. The stigmas attached to mental illness are overwhelming and I'm sad to say that I tried to blend into the background and deal with it on my own terms until I had to see a doctor and discuss it.

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