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Bipolar Disorder
diversion sign
A chapter of my Psychiatric Tales book. This one covering Bipolar-Disorder. As ever, if you spot any mistakes let me know. Feedback from those with this illness would be greatly appreciated. I've mostly covered the mania side of the illness here, because a previous chapter already talks about depression, and I didn't want to repeat myself. Thank you.

1 bipolar

2 bipolar

3 bipolar

bipolar 4

5 bipolar

6 bipolar

7 bipolar

8 bipolar

9 bipolar

I noticed a couple of mistakes -

p. 53 - stones in theirs stomachs

p. 59 - I can't stay in hospital

I shall make the appropriate changes. Thank you.

I like the cow/hills motif running through - very nicely done and felt natural. Very nice structure.

absolutely very good use of black & white


this is what happens to me!!

Is it common for just clinically depressed people to be jealous of the bipolar folks? Man I could totally do with some unstoppable mania.

People who suffer bipolar mania often miss the manic episodes because of the energy and happiness it brings them. However, it's not worth it because of the loss of judgement and madness.

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I think this is the most hopeful but affected me the least so far. I love them all so much! Any idea about when this will be printed?

Feb 2010 from Blank Slate publishing.

This is utterly brilliant. Hurrah, once again!

Hey, was just about to forward this to you...

Great job, Mr Tall Guy.

Firstly, thank you for creating this. I find this a really interesting and informative read.
Secondly, I've found a spelling mistake:
Caffine = Caffeine
No comma in word bubble #1: A staff nurse I was working with on a psychiatric ward believed that...

I hope this is helpful to you. Keep it up! I'll have to get myself a copy of the book when it comes out. :-)

when you're manic (or hypomanic) everything looks like it's in HD. :D

That's a great way of describing the experience. I with I'd thought of it when writing this chapter.

More great work - compelling to read and informative too.

Page 59, panel 5: Delete second comma: "...moved into a house that was..."

hey! my friend just randomly linked me to your livejournal. i love your comics! can't wait to see more so i friended you. feel free to friend me back. i'm bipolar (and some other things).



Love the gentle humor that accompanies this. I'm a psychiatric nurse myself and yes, these patients are very challenging at times, but I love the creativity that sometimes comes out and have had a lot of interesting conversations with people on the manic end of the spectrum. What can I say? I love my job.

Thanks for your informative, compassionate work.