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Uncle Bob's Great War
Gargax monster
Twelve pages from an, as yet, unfinished weird war strip. Started about four years ago, I got to a point with this strip where I just couldn't see where it was going to go next. I needed a twist or several twists to make it unpredictable, but was unable to come up with anything. So I just filed the whole thing away. Then, of course, I got involved in other projects and just never got back to Uncle Bob and his little platoon.

However, lately I've begun to think about this again and have come up with an acceptable ending, which is nicely character based as well. Once I've finished the Psychiatric Tales project, I'm going to come back to this and do further Uncle Bob tales. So far six Uncle Bob stories have been written, but a whole book load could easily be done. Well, I say easily ... but I still have to sit down and write and draw the buggers.

1 bob.war.one

2 bob.war.two

3 bob.war.three

4 bob.war.four

5 bob.war.five

6 bob.war.six

7 bob.war.seven

8 bob.war.eight

9 bob.war.nine

10 bob.war.ten

11 bob.war.eleven

12 bob.twelve

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Wow, you've been busy!! That's amazing, great storytelling. And the sort of abstract way you draw the battlefields looks really cool.

Very influenced by the First World War paintings of Paul Nash.

Funny and witty and weird and lovely. I cna only echo the 'more, more's above!

Wow, incredible! More more!

enjoying this. thanks :)

Ah WWI still had the weird gentlemanly quality European wars you hear about in the old days. A ceasefire indeed. One gets the feeling that Americans with a CID man who knew about zombies gouls vampires or other suck things would angry them up and and herd them to the front lines, or into civilian population centers to demoralize the Germans.

He was in the Bower war, so naturally the charge of the light brigade was to cover up some paranormal exploit of his, no? Or was that the Crimean war. By Jingo I keep getting those two mixed up.

Seriously, I'm hooked. I look forward to more of this character and his war stories.

Is the Martian war a direct reference to War of the Worlds, or just a silly go-to?

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