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People With Mental Illness Enhance Our Lives
diversion sign
The latest chapter of my Psychiatric Tales book. Thirteen pages which nearly killed me. There's still some fiddling to do with the artwork here, but it's basically done. If you see any mistakes let me know. This chapter is a one-off, as it's a mixture of photos and artwork, which I think suite the subject. I don't intend to do further chapters in this style. An experiment really.

famous people 1

famous people 2

famous people 3

famous people 4

famous people 5

famous people 6

famous people 7

famous people 8

famous people 9

famous people 10

famous people 11

famous people 12

famous people 13

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My favourite page is ten, because it blends the photos and artwork so well. However, I had to do the nine previous pages in order to learn how to do that. As a whole work I'm very pleased with it though. It's very much an internet age piece, which simply couldn't have been done in previous decades. I leaned heavily on Google for both the research and photos. And God bless Photoshop.

I think I would pick out page 12 over 10 meself but yes, the blend of the two works particularly well in the final pages.

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