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People With Mental Illness Enhance Our Lives
diversion sign
The latest chapter of my Psychiatric Tales book. Thirteen pages which nearly killed me. There's still some fiddling to do with the artwork here, but it's basically done. If you see any mistakes let me know. This chapter is a one-off, as it's a mixture of photos and artwork, which I think suite the subject. I don't intend to do further chapters in this style. An experiment really.

famous people 1

famous people 2

famous people 3

famous people 4

famous people 5

famous people 6

famous people 7

famous people 8

famous people 9

famous people 10

famous people 11

famous people 12

famous people 13

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I love reading these. The artwork is beautiful, the writing delicate and evocative. Thank you for creating them.

I did a proofread for you seeing you asked!

p.3 Self_Doubt - looks like an underscore, not a hyphen. Also p.5 Mid_twenties and p.7 Nineteen_fifties.

legasy should be legacy in the last frame of p.3

p.12 forth should be fourth

p.13 persued should be pursued

Oh, thanks for that. I shall make those changes.

Paraphasiclotus, you've done a great job saying what I wanted to say and you've actually payed attention to errors. I was so caught in the story, I forgot that. It's very, very interesting how sometimes our flaws can be our qualities. I've always believed that only strong people can do that, but, apparently, it's more than that.
Elisabeth Brittani - Medical Billing and Coding School

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