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People With Mental Illness Enhance Our Lives
diversion sign
The latest chapter of my Psychiatric Tales book. Thirteen pages which nearly killed me. There's still some fiddling to do with the artwork here, but it's basically done. If you see any mistakes let me know. This chapter is a one-off, as it's a mixture of photos and artwork, which I think suite the subject. I don't intend to do further chapters in this style. An experiment really.

famous people 1

famous people 2

famous people 3

famous people 4

famous people 5

famous people 6

famous people 7

famous people 8

famous people 9

famous people 10

famous people 11

famous people 12

famous people 13

I've said this before, I think, but I just love your work. This message is so important, and you're amazing with the comic medium.

Amazing. I wasnt even aware of a couple of these celebrities illness'. The Wilson one was my favorite of these, being a fan of his work, Pet Sounds in particular.

I love reading these. The artwork is beautiful, the writing delicate and evocative. Thank you for creating them.

I did a proofread for you seeing you asked!

p.3 Self_Doubt - looks like an underscore, not a hyphen. Also p.5 Mid_twenties and p.7 Nineteen_fifties.

legasy should be legacy in the last frame of p.3

p.12 forth should be fourth

p.13 persued should be pursued

Oh, thanks for that. I shall make those changes.

Lovely stuff - I like the integration of the photographs with the artwork and as you say I think it suits the subject a lot. I particularly like the way that you play with the photos eg where you have Milligan and then just Milligan's smile.

paraphasiclotus has got all the typos I'd spotted - and indeed more than I'd spotted off hand.

My favourite page is ten, because it blends the photos and artwork so well. However, I had to do the nine previous pages in order to learn how to do that. As a whole work I'm very pleased with it though. It's very much an internet age piece, which simply couldn't have been done in previous decades. I leaned heavily on Google for both the research and photos. And God bless Photoshop.

Lovely lovely. This reminds me of your much older blog and thoughtful posts on your daily work back then. Hypnotic reading (and viewing).

love these. I dodn't realise Nick Drake had so little commercial success in his lifetime.

I like 10 too - the leaves and trees are beautiful, and are very fitting for the subject.

Brilliant once again.

Since you're open to proofreading, here are some commas that I don't think should be there:
Page 2: after "doubtful".
Page 4: around "Pet Sounds", although people do this all the time so I'm wondering if it has become accepted
Page 5, first panel: after "Wilson"
Page 10: after "loneliness"
Page 11, last panel: after "Drake"
Page 12: after "then"

I shall make the required corrections. I shall leave the Pet Sounds thing alone though, as it looks fine and therefore should be allowed. Too many commas is a common mistake that people make and I'm no different. Cheers for the input.

Wonderful. Thank you.

I didn't hear the entire Pet Sounds album until a year ago at the age of 32. There's a part in "I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" where the chorus is Wilson singing "Sometimes I feeeeel veeery saaaad" that's like a kick in the teeth.


i just listened to pet sounds for the first time ever like a month ago and that was exactly how i felt that line stood out more than anything else on the album

i love that song now it is a super favorite

thanks a ton for drawing and writing this stuff i am a pretty crazy person and sometimes it feels like i dont belong to the world you know?

and this made me feel like i do

These are really great, awesome art and a powerful message.

Thanks for posting these.

absolutely wonderful, thank you!

I am enjoying each of these more than the last. This one was great. I appreciate your discussion on that perennial debate "does the illness make the artist?"

This is awesome ... the only error I noticed (unless it was intentional) was that I cannot read the word balloon in the second Judy Garland panel. It looks like one is there, but the words are so dark, I can't read them.

Is that a mistake? Is it just me?

Otherwise, bravo. More great work.

That balloon is not meant to be there. I tried that panel with text, then without. I finally decided that I should leave it blank. However there's a little ghost image of of the balloon which I didn't notice. Thanks for pointing it out.

These panels are just fantastic! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.