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Yellow head
Can you draw a Dalek? I've launched a new blog to celebrate the true masters of the galaxy. This is a open invite for all illustrators to send me your Dalek drawings. http://exdrawminate.blogspot.com/

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only illustrators??

well thats just mean

Experimental Anti-Movellan Dalek

At one point in their eternal war against damn near everyone, the Daleks attempted to emulate the sympathy-inducing form of the Movellans. The experiment was deemed a failure.

Egypt Urnash draws stuff, including a Tarot deck and a sometimes-pornographic web comic about a thief.

Edited at 2009-06-22 10:53 pm (UTC)

This is great. I'll post it up tomorrow.

Yay! I'm just glad to have gotten something done at the end of a dreary cloudy day.

I've now posted up your image to the Exdrawminate blog, and it looks supercool.


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