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Yellow head
A seven page story about my time working on an psychiatric ward. Many of the details here have been changed to protect the identity of the people portrayed.








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The truth put forth in these few pages needs to be shouted from the rooftops and sounded in every ear. So many people are negatively affected by varying degrees of clinical depression and unaware of the real cause of their depression. It is truly widespread.

I speak from personal experience: forty years needing medication and now fifteen years of being on medication. I am very lucky that my first medication worked well for me from the beginning and that I have not needed to have drastic changes to my lifestyle to disperse the cloud of depression.

Just as frustrating are those who have sought treatment for clinical depression and the treatments are not effective; they need to seek another medication; they need to check back in with their doctor; they must try again and again. I feel as though my heart will break when I consider the plight of those who live with untreated or misdiagnosed.

There is no way to over-emphasize the importance of your message here.

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