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Yellow head
A seven page story about my time working on an psychiatric ward. Many of the details here have been changed to protect the identity of the people portrayed.








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That strip was really good. Having suffered from depression in the past, reading that story left me with a very positive feeling. Thank you for that. I remember after coming out of my last depressive period, thinking that I would like to create something that could help people who were suffering, see that there was hope. Sadly I didnt have the required skills to make that happen but I am glad that someone has.
I really hope that you can get the required material together because I will definately buy this book.

I too suffer from recurring bouts of depression/anxiety, so I see this subject from both the point of a carer and sufferer. Further strips I plan to do in this series will touch on my own mental heath problems.

Sounds great. I'm right there with you on the depression thing. Took me years before I was bold enough to try any medication. It's helped, though it's not like it makes the problems go away. Some people seem to think that, "Oh, you're on meds and in therapy, so why are you still depressed?" If the problems ever go completely away for people, I'd love to know!

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