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It Could Be You
diversion sign
A five page story about my time working on an psychiatric ward. Many of the details here have been changed to protect the identity of the people portrayed.






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This one feels more like a health manual than the first one and less like a collection of stories, but I still really like it. I'm really glad you're posting a series of these, I'll be looking forward to them!

Really good! Screw swine flu leaflets, they should post this to everyone in the country.

I really like these.
I think the reason there is so much stigma is because it's such a taboo, we cannot talk to each other about mental illness without conjuring its shadow. With a physical illness, even in sinister creeping things like cancers or degenerative nerve disorders which seem to come from out of nowhere, there is still the continuity of existence of the person. With mental illness, the change over the personality is often quite profound, especially in things like Schizophrenia.

I'm looking forward to reading more of these, and I hope that you find a way out of your rut and into something more interesting.

I'm definitely loving these! A quick question: how do you put in the black backgrounds? On computer? Do you do these on black paper? Or did you really use ink to blacken in all that space?

Just curious, have you submitted your work to all the "usual suspects" as far as art comics publishers go? Like Fantagraphics, D&Q, and even some of the smaller ones like Sparkplug? I can't believe someone wouldn't want to put out your stuff.

It's all pencilled tightly then I ink in just the linework. After this I scan into the computer and fill in all the black areas.

There is some movement towards getting these published, but I can't discuss details right now. But it's more than promising.

Wow, this is great. Very calm and informative.

beautiful and honestly portrayed.

It's stories like these that make me love the comic medium. I really liked that one. Will link to it if thats ok?

I love your story, it contains a very nice truth that people need to start recognising! I added you to my friendslist, looking forward to your new stories :)

I was linked to your comics by Jess Fink. They are so moving. I've read many, but I'm commenting here. So many times I've tried to express to people the burden and incredible struggle that someone a PD or other mental health issue has to deal with everyday. I think you comics are striking, resounding, and I'm going to show them to as many as I can. In America, it's a struggle everyday to get more support for our mentally ill. I only hope that through the work of those like yourself, that the treatment of mental health will take more of a forefront in many of our nation's minds.

True story. It's a little known fact that everyone is susceptible to developing a mental illness. I work at a clinic for people with developmental disorders, and it's sad to see how many employees aren't educated about the clients they're servicing.

informative, emotional and i just love them to pieces. i work in a hostel with people with mental illness so this hits home for me. good job ^_^

These comics, they're good informative stuff. My psychiatrist keeps telling me about the biology behind my own anxiety disorder, but it never stops me from feeling guilty when I have a panic attack.

I have bipolar-nos, and have been hospitalized twice due to my illness. We (those who suffer mental illness), need more informative things like this. Thumbs up, and thank you.

I've lived with depression for a long time now. It's hard to explain to people who've never been there. Someone with depression could win the lottery, and then kill themselves that afternoon. It has no relationship to what's going on around you.

Over the years, every dream I had for the future has been stripped from me in a tide of failure. I'm 28, and live with my parents. In the end, I have been left with no choice but to apply for a disability pension. It's not something that I want, but there's really nothing left. I can't count the times I've wanted to die, though I haven't attempted suicide. I was always stopped by the horrible specter of possibly failing. It's very difficult to live with, and I believe that psychiatry as a field is still very much in its infancy. I am pleased to read your work, please keep it up! The world needs more understanding of mental illness.

Jess Fink got me here, when I was looking through her older comics on LJ.

My father once demanded that I explain my illness, that I explain how it happened and how it works and just what's wrong with me.

I couldn't do it to his satisfaction.

But I know now that's because he's an idiot, unable to understand.

Like trying to explain math to a dog.

But I also know it's because he doesn't want to understand.

So fuck 'im.

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