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Dementia Ward
diversion sign
A ten page story about my time working on an hospital ward for elderly people. Many of the details here have been changed to protect the identity of the people portrayed.

Dementia Ward One

dementia two

dementia three

dementia four

Dementia five

dementia six

dementia seven

dementia eight

dementia nine

dementia ten

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aw, this is great stuff - very moving.

My friend who is a care worker in a residential home says they have to check pockets before doing laundry in case one of the residents have put their own poo in them. It's heartening to read that the trend is away from using sedatives, but it must be an incredibly hard job for the staff sometimes.

Yes, it's very hard. I get anxious just thinking about that kind of work.

a bigger boy is picking on me

enjoyed this. It's v. economical


That's excellent! A good read and very insightful. And the emotional pacing is interesting and unpredictable, which kind of fits with the matter-of-fact nature of the nursing job. Lovely drawing, I really like this one.

It's actually a few years old. I was thinking about redrawing it, but now looking at it, the strips seems fine. Just a few errors to correct.

Cool! I don't think it needs redrawing either.

There are other strips in this series. I plan to post one up every day this week.

I've been really impressed with all the strips you've posted from this series. Hope you can have them in a collection eventually.

Wonderful! and very sad.

I could definitely read a whole book of this stuff, though I wouldn't say it would exactly make me happy ... it would be moving, though.

That's a great read.

Moving and sad. It's a subject most people don't like to think about, but which needs to be told.

Ah - I thought I recognised your style - I've coincidentally just started reading The Streets Of San Diablo on Activate too. Great stuff!

I was linked to your comic via Jess Fink. I work at a nursing home myself as a nutritional care aide, and everything you portrayed in this comic I have seen. It's an interesting line of work, that's for sure. There's so much sadness.

my great grandmother just died a year ago, and she had alzheimers for a couple years prior to her passing away. It was really awful to see her go from fairly healthy, playing canasta and other cardgames with my mom to asking us everytime we came over why we were all covered up (converts to islam and all that).
it is really hard to make sure they're okay all the time, which I why I respect my mother and everyone else in that field of work.

I really enjoy your work.

I don't have any memories of my paternal grandmother, she died when I was still a baby. The only time I hear about her is when my father is very drunk. When he talks about her going back and forth for stays at the hospital, seeming to come back better for a few days only to get worse than ever after just a little while, it's the only time he cries.

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Hi, I was directed here by otana. Will look up your other stuff. It's great work, thank you for making them

I know this comic is pretty old, but this is my first time reading it. I have a grandmother with dementia who is currently in a respite facility. Although we were never close, I live in pretty much constant fear of having to visit her. Just reading this has been somewhat therapeutic.

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