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The Streets Of San Diablo
Gargax monster
A further two pages of The Streets Of San Diablo has now been posted at Activate.


Diablo Frame From Page 19

And here's a doodle as well.

Yellow Doodle

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I like San Diablo story - I hope it has a happy endig this time!!

I hope we get to see heaven and hell and what colors they will be compared to the orangey color

Very excited to read more Darryl! :D

Yes, I'm aiming for a happy ending this time. There will be some scenes set in Hell, and I might include a glimpse of Heaven at some point.

Aw yay for happy endings! There is a lot more humour in this one which I like!!

DONK on the head!

Hee hee

PS Your previous Sam comic...were the signs looming around the town influenced by the Dr Who Bad Wolf omening?


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