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Mad or Bad
Yellow head
This is the first two pages of a strip which will look at personality disorders. This is a big subject in mental health these days, so it won't be the only strip I do on this subject. I would like to say though, that unlike the gentleman featured in this strip, most people suffering personality disorder are not dangerous. But a few specific types certainly can be.

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lovely looking strip as usual! but you've inked in STILLS instead of SKILLS

Lettering is my weak area. I get so involved in the form of the lettering when I ink that I often get them wrong, miss out letters, and sometimes entire words without noticing. I'll fix this shortly.

Ha - I didn't even notice, although the apostrophe in 'it's' did jump out at me (perhaps because it's early on and I hadn't become fully absorbed by then). I hate lettering too!

Yup, I don't like lettering either, mainly 'cos I'm ashamed of the mammoth crapness of mine. After labouring away in vain trying to make it look decent, I usually discover I've missplelt or left something out...
Yours is quite reasonable. At least it's tidy.

Another good-looking, interesting strip. I have about 50 separate personality disorders, myself, so find it a very absorbing topic.

I do hate lettering. I've been asked why I don't use Photoshop to type my lettering in, like I do with my name in the title frame? Well I could, but I want to keep the handmade quality of the strip, and not distract from it with obvious computer stuff.

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