darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Some Kind Of An Effort

In which Tall Guy makes some kind of an effort.

For the past month I've been struck down with a horrible ennui. A real lethargy has stolen over me. Even the comic strip work has ground to a halt. I've struggled with an attempt to do more paintings, but I've been really unhappy with the results. I don't know what the problem is, but painting is just something I can't get to grips with at the moment. It's all become a bit too contrived and self-conscious, I think. Very frustrating.

The other problem I've had is a developing reluctance to step outside the house. I really feel something like dread when I think about venturing into the Great Outdoors, and will look for any excuse not to do it. As if I didn't have enough mental health issues, now I'm having to struggle with agoraphobia, as well. How very annoying.

To counteract this, I've made plans to go down to Chester on the 5th, for the DoodlePlanet event. This is a monthly art event, in which people get to drink, draw, and socialise (not necessarily in that order). Some of my friends will be there.

I'm also going down to London to the Web and Mini Comic event at the end of March. There's no getting out of it, as I've already bought the train tickets, and I hate wasting money even more than I dislike leaving the safety of the house.
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