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Yellow head
I've had a crappie couple of days. I suffered a migraine so bad that I was unable to look at the computer screen for more than a few minutes at a time. I had four frames to draw in order to finish this week's Super Sam strip, but I just couldn't do. I spent most of yesterday on my bed, trying to keep the light out of my eyes. The betablockers I've been prescribed, just don't seem to work anymore. Even now, there's a very faint dull throbbing in my forehead. I'd like a new brain for Christmas, please.

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I believe I can relate about the migraines. I sometimes get zigzag auras that last half an hour at a time and sometimes I get partial vision blackouts in my right eye. I have to look at a computer screen for the better part of eight hours every workday and it's getting tougher. (I think I need a glare filter on the monitor.) No medicine has ever stopped my migraines, but a few can sometimes prevent them. My wife has good results with Imotrex but her migraines are no like mine. I don't often get the headaches, per se, but I get nauseous and when I have a migraine it seems to take over my entire being from inside.

I, too, hope you feel better soon.

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