darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Grey Aliens and Fairies

This is an extended and re-coloured version of an illustration I did which appeared in a recent issue of Paranormal Magazine. The article was about the parallels between folklore stories of fairy folk and alien visitations in modern times.

While I personally don't believe in the objective reality of these supernatural beings or their space-age counterparts, I am fascinated by what these continuing myths say about the human mind, and its ability to join the dots and create pictures that are not even there. If there is real magic in the world, then it exists in the human imagination. It's more than possible to make such fancies real. Writers and artists do this every day. But let's not confuse the fabulous world of the mind and its constructs, with the bricks and mortar real world we live in. The use of logic and science demonstrates, very well, the clear separation between the two.

Greys and Fairies

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