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Saturday Thoughts
Yellow head
Despite being out of work, I'm actually far from idle. I've been working on further Super-Sam and John-of-the-Night pages, as well as going back and fixing mistakes made on older pages. It's good to have the time to get a momentum going with this project, instead of having to work on it between shifts, now and then, when I can.

I've been thinking about the whole Barrack Obama thing again, and it struck me, as a long-time 24 fan, that this show has done more than any other to normalise the idea of a black president to US voters (it has featured two black presidents). This is ironic when you consider that 24 has a reputation of being somewhat right-wing it it's values, and not only that, is a Fox TV show.

Wouldn't it be great if someone invented a camera that you could take into your dreams? I often dream that I'm photographing wild scenes and fantastic landscapes, only to be disappointed when I wake up, to find that the camera in my hands has vanished with sleep. Let's invent a dream camera, so that we can download the results onto our computers?

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Yes, but FoxNews and Fox Network are very different creatures.

FoxNews is the mouthpiece for family values/super-right ideals.

Fox Network is the showcase for as much T&A (Married with Children), non-Political Correctness (Family Guy), sorta violent (Sarah Connors, Prison Break, Bones (at least as far as decomposed bodies)) programs as any other broadcast network.

I'm always amazed that they are owned by the same company.

By the way, welcome!

Oops, I forgot, don't even get me started about Fox's FX network which was the leader in basic cable nudity and swearing (not that I'm complaining about any of that).

It makes me think sometimes that FoxNews (or as I call them Fox Jazeera) isn't just doing it for the ratings.

The Obama/Palmer(s) comparision occurred to me, too, at one point. (I discovered and became hooked on "24" about three years ago and was disappointed to see the Hollywood writers' strike cancel it for this year.) I look forward to the new season, though.
Incidentally I voted for McCain (I'm basically a conservative) but whoever is president deserves the respect of the office.
On the subject of dreams: I once heard a talk on creative writing in which an author said it's a good idea to jot down whatever you can remember from dreams as soon as you wake up. A camera (maybe with sound?) would be even better.

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