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darryl cunningham

Painted Kitchen

I'm in the middle of having my kitchen painted.

Since starting back at college I've not managed to do much artwork. I've done one page, but I'm hoping to get this current strip finished at the weekend. It's a tale of Uncle Bob's childhood, set in the wild west.

It's begun to dawn on me that the lovely Mrs A. ( another mental health nurse on the course with me) isn't really that interested in me. I'm adjusting to this knowledge quite well. Hopefully we'll still manage to stay friends.

There are other women in the world. The Goth Girl Who Lives Upstairs has been down to visit me a lot lately. Perhaps something will come of that? I'm not quite sure how I feel about her. We get on really well and she's certainly a sexy thing, but keeps saying that she doesn't really want a boyfriend. I can't say I have any deep feelings about her, nice as she is.

I don't know why, but I'm getting a lot of female input at the moment. A student I fancied like mad when I worked with her on one of the wards, suddenly texted me out of the blue yesterday, asking how I was and what ward I'd be working on next.

What goes on? Why am I suddenly getting all this interest? I think it's mostly due to the confidence I have these days. I feel I'm a totally different person from what I was when I started the nursing course.

The Radio Town pic (below), was another of my experiments with scale. I love drawing giant domestic items and placing them amongst buildings. It makes me wish these things existed.

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