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Dropped Computer
Yellow head
I've had this faulty macbook knocking around the place for about a year. Having invested in a new machine (a nice mini mac), I'd stuck the laptop under a pile of stuff on top of the wardrobe, and then forgot about it.

The other week, I was getting another object off the dusty pile that exists on top of said wardrobe, when the macbook, achieving a life of its own, slid off and crashed to the floor.

Since then, amazingly, the laptop has been working perfectly. Go figure. So my tip in fixing broken computers, is to drop them from a height of approximately six feet, onto a carpeted floor.

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This is pure speculation, but my MacBook (dear old thing) is also on its way out, and I have consistent problems with it not starting up, or the battery failing suddenly. I've recently discovered it's the battery connections inside that have come loose, so often taking out the battery and putting it back in.

I understand this is quite n00bie, but it works for me, even if it is the physical manifestation of Control Alt Delete.

Happy your computer is working again, s'all.

I suspected that some loose wiring was involved, but had no idea what. It's just dumb luck that it's gone right again. Previously I'd tried everything you reasonable expect to do, with no avail.

I came across some osx disks in a drawer at work - are these the ones that go with this laptop?

I'm well glad it's working again for you. I think the problem with thse is that the connectors from the motherboard (daughterboad - whatever) that connect up to the video output inside before it connects to the wires for the thing that connect through the hinge to the moniter were ... badly done & it's a 'known fault' with this generation of ibook. One remedy I saw seemed to involve setting light to something on an opened up ibook so that the contact from the hidden heated item melted the solder a tad & allowed connection to reestablish & work.

...frigtening stuff...

Anyway - as I say - chuffed that thsi is working as I was abashed that I could do nothing in the end.

but bizarre!

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