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Painting And Publishing
diversion sign
The good news is that Psychiatric Tales is finally going to print this week.

The bad news is that the process will take about three weeks, which means I'll just miss out on having copies for the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing on the 27th of March. ( Anyone want to buy a table off me, as without the book, I probably don't need it?

The good news is that Bloomsbury have moved forward the US edition of Psychiatric Tales to Feb 2011. Which is nice.

The warmer weather has inspired me to start painting again. Here's the first of the new batch of paintings. For sale if you're interested.

Purple Pink Town

Painting under construction.


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The Thing is a really great event, and I'm sure you'd do well even if you just took some home made mini-comics... but having said that, I might be interested in taking the table off your hands if you'r sure you don't want to go.

I am still going to go. I just don't need the table now and it would be a shame not to see it go to use. It cost me £35.00. If you're interested in buying it, here's my email:

I tried emailing to that address, but the email got bounced back to me. I'm happy to pay the £35, but maybe we should contact the Thing organiser to make sure he's ok with me taking your table.

Sorry. I've not even had that email for ages. What was I thinking?, is the correct one. Yes, I think the Thing organiser should be contacted. It'll be too late to change details on the printed material, I would think, but the website can still be updated.

Aw man, that's a shame they couldn't get in printed up in time for the Thing. They can't even do a few rush copies?

Great to see you painting, I haven't done something on canvas for ages.

I was linked to your graphic art posts on suicide and depression. I just wanted to thank you, congratulate you on your book, and ask if you mind that I've friended you.

Not at all. Thanks for the kind comments.

Will there be any way from us over here in the states to get the book before its US release?

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